Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement Lean Six Sigma

Improving business operations and processes are fundamental to the success of every manufacturer.  Our team of manufacturing and engineering consultants provide an outside perspective to help clients deliver better products faster, while increasing profitability.  We can help to cut costs, improve processes, increase innovation, identify new opportunities, plan for the future, and attract supply chain partners.  Manufacturers that embrace continuous improvement are more agile, more competitive, and more profitable businesses.

Here are some ways we can help in this arena:

  • Lean
  • Six Sigma
  • Kaizen
  • 5S
  • Kanban
  • ISO Certification
  • AS Certification
  • Set Up reduction
  • Material Flow/Kanban Replenishment
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC)
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Value Stream Mapping/Process Simplification
  • Configuration Management
  • Technical Documentation
  • ERP Analysis & Selection
  • Yield Improvement

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