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Lean Manufacturing Book

My Lean Journey

My Lean Journey by Matt Hoyng Nearly 10 years ago, I was managing an extrusion and injection molding manufacturing plant, and it was struggling. We

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Economic Update September 2023

Manufacturing Economic Update September 2023 Guest post by: Leland Smith What Should Manufacturers Like Me Do About The Economy? Background: The Dayton Region Manufacturers Association

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ODMC project list

Ohio Defense Manufacturing Community Grant

Strengthening Ohio DoD supply chain with automation and technology.

Funding is available through the Ohio Defense Manufacturing Community, to offer expertise to support solutions to increase production capacity, improve product quality, implement new factory floor technologies and up-skill your workforce to support new technologies and equipment.

The goal is to keep Ohio manufacturers at the forefront of innovation to grow, succeed, and compete.

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Factory View

The Battle: Equipment Maintenance versus the Production Floor

As you know, in the manufacturing environment you have days when the production manager is arguing with the maintenance manager. While production needs to get the last order done by Monday, maintenance needs to service the equipment to ensure uptime, safety of the equipment and the operators around it.

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5 S After

5 Secrets to Implementing 5S

It’s no secret that a clean, organized facility is a more productive facility.  It’s the getting there part that can be the biggest challenge. But, when all of the hard work is finally done and you see the results, like improved safety, better quality and increased production, you know the journey has all been worth it.

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face shield

FastLane Coordinates Face Shield PPE Production

In response to the challenge of keeping Ohio’s healthcare workers safe during the COVID-19 pandemic the Ohio Manufacturing Alliance to Fight COVID-19 (OMAFC) will engage Ohio manufacturers to produce desperately needed personal protective equipment (PPE).

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