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Breaking Down Silos

Lochard, Inc.

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Company Profile:
Lochard Inc. is a medium size, third-generation, family owned company located in Sidney, Ohio. Lochard provides services in sheet metal fabrication, mechanical contracting and retail hardware.

“The FastLane team is very great and easy to work with. They care deeply about our success and you can see that passion in their work.” Alex Lochard, Sales Engineer


Lochard was experiencing an influx of jobs that 

was double what they were used to handling. As a result, they began to struggle with on-time delivery, customer dissatisfaction, low team morale, increased operational costs, and a decrease in the quality of products.

FastLane facilitated a lean event to uncover project ideas from employees and help break down silos within the organization. By facilitating a KAIZEN event and allowing the employees to study current processes. They were able to see and address problems quickly. This created collaboration between employees and improved handoffs, resulting in a new streamlined work order process and getting the job to the shop floor faster. This project has improved on-time delivery back to Lochard’s standard and allowed operations a cushion to complete the jobs without added overtime. 




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