Select & Improve Your ERP, CRM & Enterprise Software

Learn tips to select and optimize your software

Date 11/16/2021

10:00 - 12:00

About the event

10:00am – 11:00am

ERP, CRM, and Enterprise Software Package Selection Webinar

Join us as we present a framework for manufacturers, distributors, and industrial service providers to make a truly informed selection of a new enterprise software package and identify techniques that will:

  • Define a simple, high-level enterprise software strategy and ensure alignment with the business and IT strategy.
  • Define goals, objectives, and overall scope for a new enterprise software investment.
  • Solicit, gather, and define detailed functional and technological requirements and align them with the enterprise software strategy.
  • Identify candidate ERP, CRM, and other enterprise software candidates that best meet the companies’ strategy-level and detailed requirements.
  • Determine acquisition and long-term ownership costs of the candidates.
  • Investigate the candidates and select the most appropriate solution.
  • Transition from planning and selection to execution and implementation of the selected solution.


11:00am – 12:00pm

Improving the Experience with ERP, CRM, and Enterprise Software Webinar

Insight into the challenges of optimizing ERP (and other related enterprise software like CRM, EPM, and EAM) software and will:

  • Define the enterprise software lifecycle.
  • Define the sources and types of gaps between expectations and reality in enterprise software.
  • Offer prescriptions, tools, tips, and techniques for closing the four types of gaps.
  • Provide a framework for companies to define a simple, high-level ERP strategy.
  • Review tools to use before and as part of improving the level of ERP use and satisfaction inside a company.
  • Identify the costs to consider when embarking on improvement, upgrade, or replacement paths.
  • Explain several approaches to managing, controlling, and achieving ERP satisfaction improvements.
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Scott Holter
Scott Holter
Director, M&M Business Solutions

Scott has spent more than 20 years in manufacturing and technology consulting, working with manufacturers of all types and sizes. He has extensive experience with multiple software applications, not only assisting clients with evaluating and selecting software, but also improving the utilization of existing software. He has led dozens of projects to evaluate, recommend and select enterprise software in a way that maximizes the investment. In that time, Scott has reviewed, evaluated and audited more than 80 different enterprise software products.


In 2000, Scott also authored and presented the paper “Synergy – ERP and Lean” to NIST’s Manufacturing Extension Partnership.  Since then, Scott has helped several companies craft and realize a vision for simplifying and melding companies’ ERP software and Lean Manufacturing initiatives.  In 2012, Scott was the keynote speaker at the Precision Metalforming Association’s summit on ERP selection and implementation.


When Scott works with clients to evaluate and select software, he brings significant hands-on manufacturing experience to the process.   Prior to beginning a consulting career, Scott spent more than 12 years in manufacturing operations, holding positions as an industrial engineer, production planner and scheduler, plant manager, and vice president of operations. He was employed by two global, multinational corporations as well as two small, private companies across a variety of industry segments.

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