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Continuous Improvement

Reduce Cost and Improve Your Culture

Lean manufacturing provides a fresh perspective helping you to improve safety, streamline processes, shorten lead times and maximize productivity. A successful lean manufacturing program gives you a competitive advantage and allows you to focus on activities that add value to your organization.

FastLane can assist with

  • Lean Training 
  • Facilitation
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Process Improvement
  • Plant Layout
  • Quality Management

Continuous Improvement

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Lean Manufacturing Book

My Lean Journey

My Lean Journey by Matt Hoyng Nearly 10 years ago, I was managing an extrusion and injection molding manufacturing plant, and it was struggling. We

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Bent Tubes from Ever Roll

Improving Changeover

Ever-Roll asked FastLane to help reduce changeover times from part to part. Each employee had their own way of doing things. They did not have a standard way to gather the tools and tooling for each part or a way to make the necessary machine adjustments required to perform the setup for each job.

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Shaffer Mixer

Value Stream Mapping Shaffer

Value Stream Mapping Shaffer Manufacturing Corp Company Profile:Located in Urbana, Ohio, Shaffer Manufacturing Corp is a part of the Linxis Group. Shaffer is leading the

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Wicked Welding welded part

Business Growth

Business Growth Wicked Welding Company Profile:Wicked Welding is a family-owned welding services company based in Dayton, Ohio. Wicked Welding offers microscopic GTA welding, laser beam

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AS9100 and ISO9001 Certifications

Aerospace is a large portion of Gem City Metal Technologies’ business. In order to continue to compete in their market, they needed to become AS9100 certified. Without the required certification, they faced losing a significant amount of business.

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5 S After

5 Secrets to Implementing 5S

It’s no secret that a clean, organized facility is a more productive facility.  It’s the getting there part that can be the biggest challenge. But, when all of the hard work is finally done and you see the results, like improved safety, better quality and increased production, you know the journey has all been worth it.

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