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Lean Manufacturing Book

My Lean Journey

by Matt Hoyng

Nearly 10 years ago, I was managing an extrusion and injection molding manufacturing plant, and it was struggling. We were losing money; our culture was poor, and our customers were unhappy. We knew we had to do something to save the plant and the jobs, so we started looking into Lean Manufacturing.


Lean Manufacturing is a set of principles that can help businesses improve efficiency and productivity. It’s based on the idea of eliminating waste, and it’s very effective. I decided to give it a try, and I’m so glad I did.


We started by implementing 5S, which is a Lean Manufacturing methodology that focuses on organizing and cleaning the workplace. The results were amazing, and we started saving money, our culture improved, and our customers were happier. Our business turned around, and in just a few years we were more successful than ever.



Here are the impacts Lean Manufacturing and 5S had in just four short years:

  • Improved Safety: We went from 9 recordable injuries to 0.
  • Improved Quality and Customer Satisfaction:  Reducing customer complaints from 12 to 1.
  • Reduced Cost:  We cut costs by 50% just by eliminating unnecessary steps in our production process.
  • Delivery: We improved productivity 30% and reduced scrap 60% by organizing our workspace and making it easier for employees to find what they need, ultimately getting the product to the customer faster.
  • Increased Employee Morale: The employees we had (and wanted) were staying and helping train new hires with the new improved culture leading to more success.

Lean Manufacturing and 5S are powerful tools that can help any manufacturing business improve its bottom line. If you’re struggling, I encourage you to give them a try. 


If you’re thinking about implementing Lean Manufacturing or 5S in your manufacturing business, I encourage you to do your research and find a qualified consultant to help you. Lean is worthwhile investment that can pay off big time.