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Value Stream Mapping

Shaffer Manufacturing Corp

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Company Profile:
Located in Urbana, Ohio, Shaffer Manufacturing Corp is a part of the Linxis Group. Shaffer is leading the innovation of mixers and processing equipment. They provide customized solutions to customers and support their ability to mix products precisely and efficiently.

"The value stream mapping was the start of an evolution in our business that is driving on time delivery and tremendous cost savings. Our processes are flowing so well that we recently set a record for our monthly production and our people thought they were slow because nothing was on fire."

Brian Clark, Manufacturing Manager

Shaffer wanted to improve the overall lead-time of their large mixer production line. Shaffer had begun to see positive results after making incremental changes to improve their process. Shaffer goal was to decrease their lead-time by 20% and reduce their average days late by 75% within 6 months by making a step change.

FastLane assisted Shaffer with boots on the ground inside their facility. By using continuous improvement lean tools, FastLane provided value stream mapping services to Shaffer. Due to the customization, size and process complexity of the large mixer product line, visibility of each component through the facility was critical. Through the value stream mapping process, several areas with limited visibility and tracking were identified. Several improvements were made to improve visibility and tracking in these areas. As a result of the project, Shaffer was able to surpass their initial goals in both manufacturing lead times and average days-late within 4 months. 



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