Ohio Defense Manufacturing Community Grant

Strengthening Ohio DoD supply chain with automation and technology.

Funding is available through the Ohio Defense Manufacturing Community, to offer expertise to support solutions to increase production capacity, improve product quality, implement new factory floor technologies and up-skill your workforce to support new technologies and equipment.

The goal is to keep Ohio manufacturers at the forefront of innovation to grow, succeed, and compete.

Surviving COVID Shutdown

Surviving the COVID Shutdown Scenic Solutions Company Profile: Scenic Solutions, LLC, located in West Carrollton, Ohio, provides services for the entertainment industry and other entities needing products associated with entertainment, display, themed environments, or custom fabrication. “Scenic Solutions is grateful for FastLane! The COVID shutdown was a very scary time for our business but weContinue reading “Surviving COVID Shutdown”

Ohio MEP Internship Program

Leveraging Ohio MEP Internship Program Sweet Manufacturing Company Company Profile: Sweet Manufacturing Company is a premier global producer of bulk material handling equipment, including bucket elevators, belt and chain conveyors and support systems which are supplied to both the agricultural and industrial markets. Sweet currently has equipment in 55 countries covering 6 continents around theContinue reading “Ohio MEP Internship Program”

Talent Pipeline

Building Talent Pipeline Shaffer Linxis Group Company Profile: Shaffer Linxis Group offers horizontal mixers in the baking industry with a proprietary open frame mixer design and has elevated bowl cooling that provides the best cooling performance in the industry. They developed technology that not only makes the mixing process more consistent, but also minimizes downtimeContinue reading “Talent Pipeline”

Gear Inspection Automation

Gear Inspection Automation Slone Gear International, Inc. Company Profile:Slone Gear International, Inc. based in Tipp City, Ohio, develops and distributes gear metrology products, both standard and custom gaging solutions for the most challenging gear and spline measurement applications. “We were impressed with the support we received throughout the project, the quick response time, and theContinue reading “Gear Inspection Automation”

Value Stream Mapping Shaffer

Value Stream Mapping Shaffer Manufacturing Corp Company Profile:Located in Urbana, Ohio, Shaffer Manufacturing Corp is a part of the Linxis Group. Shaffer is leading the innovation of mixers and processing equipment. They provide customized solutions to customers and support their ability to mix products precisely and efficiently. “The value stream mapping was the start ofContinue reading “Value Stream Mapping Shaffer”

Budde Automation Commissioning

Budde Precision is a growing company and recently entered into the aerospace and defense industry. Budde needed to expand their capacity to be able to manage their current and future workload, but lacked the skilled workforce to do so.

Business Growth

Business Growth Wicked Welding Company Profile:Wicked Welding is a family-owned welding services company based in Dayton, Ohio. Wicked Welding offers microscopic GTA welding, laser beam welding, tool, mold & die repair welding, as well as laser engraving. They support the tooling, mold and die, medical, automotive, and aviation industries. “FastLane’s assistance has been essential toContinue reading “Business Growth”

The Battle: Equipment Maintenance versus the Production Floor

As you know, in the manufacturing environment you have days when the production manager is arguing with the maintenance manager. While production needs to get the last order done by Monday, maintenance needs to service the equipment to ensure uptime, safety of the equipment and the operators around it.