Workforce Development

Workforce development is one of the hottest topics in manufacturing today. FASTLANE understands that finding, retaining and training your workforce is critical to the growth, competiveness and sustainability of your business. We have relationships with many workforce solution providers. We work to save you time by keeping up on what’s available, conducting research, getting questions answered or creating a specific program to meet your needs as required.

Our strategic direction includes:

  • Grow the future highly skilled workforce needed for advanced manufacturing in Ohio
  • Address the current skills gap to quickly transition individuals into manufacturing careers

Here are some ways we can help in this arena:

Professional Development Programs/Training: We work with our network to provide solutions in the below areas as well as support in understanding the training grants available through the state of Ohio.

  • Technical Continuing Education (i.e. lean manufacturing, six sigma, etc.)
  • Certification Programs (i.e. PMP, PE, Lean Certifications etc.)
  • Professional Development (i.e. emerging leader training, supervisor training etc.)


Skill Training/Programs

  • Manufacturing Certifications
    • Individual Training Certifications
    • CNC Training
    • Welding Training
    • CAD/3D Modeling Training


Internships/Co-Op Programs

  • Below are the types of internship and co-op programs available through the University of Dayton. FASTLANE will help you with other schools and CTC(s) as well.
      • Full-time Internship Program: students work 40 hours/week and do not attend classes during the semester.
      • Part-time Internship Program: students generally work 15-20 hours and continue to attend some classes.

    • Student Contract Program: students work at the employer’s location up to 20 hours per week while taking classes or 40 hours per week while not attending classes. The student is placed on the University’s payroll and insurance program.
    • Co-op: students work for the same employer for multiple semesters, usually rotating a semester of classes with a semester of work.


Surge Capacity Solutions: Through UDRI, and within the local area, the Dayton Region has expertise in many technical areas. When you are faced with a shortage of technical expertise, FASTLANE will work to find the right resource solution based on your needs. General areas include the below (also see Technology Acceleration)

    • Sensors & Electronics (i.e. S/W Programming., embedded controls)
    • Materials & Processes
    • Mechanical & Structural (i.e. FEA, CFD etc.)
    • Chemical/Environmental/Fuels


Manufacturing Advocacy

  • Career Awareness Outreach 
    • Speak to Middle School and High School Students
    • Manufacturing career success stories
    • Manufacturing Day Support
    • Partnering with the DRMA
      • Manufacturing Day Committee
      • Workforce Development Advisory Committee
      • Growing the Workforce Pipeline Committee
  • Dream It Do It
    • Volunteer for
      • Ohio Robotics – Extreme Bot
      • Tech Prep Showcase (Sinclair, Miami Valley TechPrep Consortium)