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May 9th

Women in Manufacturing Breakfast

Strategies for Success When You are ‘The Only One’ In The Room

Speaker: Dr. Karen Townsend

The Women in Manufacturing Breakfast Series is held the second Tuesday of each month. This series is designed to support women in manufacturing, help to increase the number of women in manufacturing roles, and facilitate real conversations that are focused on topics that matter to women in the industry. We will encourage women to work in manufacturing, address tough issues and identify solutions to challenges; in an environment that lifts and strengthens one another both personally and professionally.


May 25th


Making Progress with Janet Jackson

“Do not confuse motion and progress. A rocking horse keeps moving but does not make any progress.” This quote from Alfred A. Montapert hits home with many of us who feel like our day runs us rather than us running our day. In this session, professional organizer and productivity trainer, Janet Jackson of Organization Solutions, LLC, will help us identify obstacles in our day and share some simple techniques that we can implement immediately to help us actually make progress.


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