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Building Talent Pipeline

Shaffer Linxis Group

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Company Profile:

Shaffer Linxis Group offers horizontal mixers in the baking industry with a proprietary open frame mixer design and has elevated bowl cooling that provides the best cooling performance in the industry. They developed technology that not only makes the mixing process more consistent, but also minimizes downtime through maintenance-free and enhanced sanitation designs. This advanced yet simple theme carries over to their line of bread moulders, with features like independently driven sheeting rollers and a hinged and counterbalanced pressure board.

Thanks to FastLane, we have found that internships have been a great way for young people to experience what real world custom manufacturing and fabrication look like. Having each intern work with one of our experienced craftsmen, they have developed into loyal, hardworking young people, that we would have never found without the flexibility that these internships provide." - Brian Clark, Manufacturing Manager

"This internship helped prepare me for my future career. It provided me with a chance to have a fulltime job doing something that I enjoy. Some of the goals that I set for myself, that I have been able to accomplish in just two years, were to buy a brand new car, travel and start saving money for a house. This internship opportunity lead me to a successful career with Shaffer." - Brock Bennett, Intern


Shaffer was struggling to find qualified welders to build customized mixers for their customers. Shaffer began to look at different workforce solutions including connecting with local education partners to test pilot a concept of gaining younger talent pipeline into their facility.



FastLane connected Shaffer to valuable information on the Ohio MEP High School Internship Program and educated their team on internship best practices. FastLane also informed Shaffer of Ohio Labor Laws for youth and provided recommendations on how to build their talent pipeline. FastLane helped shaffer to host an open house for student career days to see if students would want to experience a summer internship opportunity in their company. Shaffer was able to hire two interns leveraging the Ohio MEP Internship Program. As a result, the students were able to begin their manufacturing journey with a hands-on work-based learning experience. This project allowed both students to amplify their talents while also helping Shaffer to be more successful.




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