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Superior Aluminum Products

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Company Profile:

Superior Aluminum Products, a manufacturer located in Russia, Ohio, is an industry leader in aluminum railing, columns, and fence for residential and commercial applications.

You can only see so much on CAD. The help we received from FastLane saved us time and money. Both internal assembly and field modification are now simpler and faster."
Chad Sherrill, Sales Engineer


Superior Aluminum wanted to improve the screw cover design for the top and bottom rail of their square post products. The existing design required a tedious assembly process and did not allow for field modification. Superior wanted to make the product easy to install and speed up the assembly time required.


After understanding the challenge, FastLane helped Superior Aluminum to 3D print their new design idea. Everyone in the shop was able to view the new design and test to see how well it worked. The 3D version of the product allowed the team to see potential issues with the CAD design and make needed adjustments. After three iterations, they were able to finalize the new design and send it to production. The design enhancements improved productivity internally and created a means for easier field modification. It has also improved assembly time for Superior’s end customers by approximately 20%. The changes have resulted in a win for everyone.



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