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Boosting Efficiency & Capacity

Budde Precision Machining

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Company Profile:
Budde Precision Machining is a full-service precision machining manufacturer located in Dayton, Ohio. With a mission of “making our customers’ job easy”, Budde maintains ISO9001, AS9100 and ISO13485 certifications as well as ITAR registration to serve aerospace and defense, medical, automotive, and more.

FastLane is a great resource for businesses like ours. You have helped us to grow faster, overcome challenges and keep pace with our opportunities by providing us access to the technologies we need to help get us over the hump to support the trajectory we are trying to take."
- Mike Budde, President

Budde’s aerospace customer requested that they
take on more work. To stay competitive and take on the additional work to support their defense clients, Budde needed to increase their machine capacity and improve the required first article reporting. Budde needed help refining their inspection documentation and reporting processes, increasing data availability, and strengthening their documentation speed and efficiency.

FastLane supported Budde by providing tools to help reduce bottlenecks in their reporting and production processes using the Ohio Defense Manufacturing Community (ODMC) grant. The ODMC grant helped Budde to increase their capacity to meet the demand by supporting the commissioning and training for a new 5-axis machine. FastLane also helped improve access to and availability of data for the inspection reporting process though specialized software. As a result, Budde has been able to take on more DoD work. This saves Budde’s DoD customer time and money, leads to more refined designs, improving the product quality, and enhancing their supply chain.



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