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Our Story

Everything we do comes down to relationships. The FASTLANE team is a group of people with a heart and passion for manufacturing. We are industry people, with manufacturing backgrounds, who love helping the Dayton Region Manufacturers thrive. Our passion to serve and solve problems drives us. This is how our story began…


Shhhh! The Secret to Increasing Market Share

Written by: FASTLANE

Written by: Tamara Wamsley

In today’s competitive manufacturing environment, it is important to define a strategy to increase your market share.  The secret is to include key ingredients in your market share growth strategy recipe.

Secret Sauce for […]

3 Ways to Ensure Quality Products

Written by: FASTLANE

Written by: Christopher Marcum

Like all manufacturers, you face a common battle in the quest to succeed—the battle to ensure that what you produce, both to and through delivery, is of the highest possible quality. This means confirming not only the […]

Project Management: 10 Things Not to Do

Written by: FASTLANE

Written by: Christopher Marcum

Project management is a challenging task. Careful planning certainly helps but the issues and problems involved in project management can often undo your best efforts. History shows that Project management difficulties can lead to big problems (e.g., the […]

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