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Our Story

Everything we do comes down to relationships. The FASTLANE team is a group of people with a heart and passion for manufacturing. We are industry people, with manufacturing backgrounds, who love helping the Dayton Region Manufacturers thrive. Our passion to serve and solve problems drives us. This is how our story began…


Cyber-Security 5 Steps to Protect your Business

Written by: Tamara Wamsley

Cyber-Security for Manufacturers
5 Steps to Protect your Business

Cyber-crime is a very real threat to businesses. Small businesses are particularly in danger, since they may not have the ability to overcome the cost of a data breach, which averages $38,000 for small […]

Engaged Employees Drive Productivity

Written by: Tamara Wamsley

Engaged Employees Drive Productivity

Manufacturers are only as good as their least engaged employees.


Equipment problems are ignored by unskilled workers who don’t have the training to fix them.
Defective products are shipped by disaffected associates who have no incentive to catch errors.
Dissatisfied […]

How to Fill Your Skill Gaps Now

Written by: Tamara Wamsley

Fill Your Company Skill Gaps

Are you struggling to fill open positions in your company?  According to data from the 2014 U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, women make up about 47 percent of the total labor force, but only 27 percent […]

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