Women in Manufacturing Breakfast Series

Women in Manufacturing Breakfast

The Women in Manufacturing Breakfast Series will be held the second Tuesday of each month. This series is designed to support women in manufacturing, help to increase the number of women in manufacturing roles, and facilitate real conversations that are focused on topics that matter to women in the industry. We will encourage women to work in manufacturing, address tough issues and identify solutions to challenges; in an environment that lifts and strengthens one another both personally and professionally.

Held the second Tuesday of each month in 2017

8:00 a.m. to 9:30 a.m.

1700 S. Patterson Blvd.
Dayton, Ohio 45409


Up Next:

August 8th

Leading in Style – What’s Your Style?

Discover a fresh approach to leadership that maximizes the potential that resides within the people who you lead.  You’ll learn the traits that make up an effective leader who can: 

1. Integrate team members into today’s complex work communities

2. Inspire discretionary effort from people of different generations

3. Create an environment that readily enables achievement

During this session, we’ll introduce the concepts behind Leading with Style, evaluate the leadership styles of participants using our assessment tool and provide recommendations for participants of each style to raise their leadership capability to the next level.

Speaker: Chandra Attiken

Chandra Attiken


Chandra is an inspiring leader with a passion for aligning talent and developing people to maximize their contributions to organizational performance. Her intuitive nature allows her to see the potential in people and to identify the best role in which to maximize their talents and aspirations.  Her engagement with organizations cover a wide range of functions, including: Workforce Culture Development, Change Management, Competency-Based Workforce Planning, Organizational Design, and Strategic Planning Facilitation.

Chandra has over 25 years of experience helping businesses meet human capital challenges in organizations across North America, Europe, Africa, and the Pacific Rim.  She has held senior leadership positions at Manville Corporation, Time Warner, Nationwide, and is a co-owner of connexHR consulting. Chandra’s background includes a Master’s of Science degree in Education with a focus in Behavioral Science. 


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