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Since the birth of aviation, Ohio has been a leader in the aerospace industry. Which is why our state is home to many suppliers and manufacturers who support the aerospace industry. In fact, Ohio is the number 1 supplier to Boeing, the number 2 supplier to Airbus.  The two largest names in commercial aircraft.


Tech Hub

The Tech Hub is a commercial aviation solution designed to increase manufacturers’ competitiveness by solving technical challenges, advancing technologies, and identifying suppliers.  This unique program was developed to better position Ohio for capturing both near-term and next generation commercial aircraft supply chain opportunities.  The program encompasses three critical areas:





Competitive Edge: Virtual Hub for solving CNC machining challenges

How does it work? Aircraft manufacturers (or their Tier 1 suppliers) contact the Hub with a technical challenge. We at Tech Hub gather a group of subject matter experts to brainstorm innovative approaches to respond to the technical challenge.  These efforts can be virtual, such as in reviewing specific aerospace parts, identifying a cost savings approach, performing equipment selection and return on investment analysis.  Or, the efforts could be physical, such as: manufacturing feasibility trials or providing post-processing proof of repeatability. The Hub’s success leverages an extensive network of industry leaders, trade and academia partners, our Manufacturing Extension Partnership national network, and other collaborating organizations.


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Research & Technology:  Vetting and acceleration of materials and manufacturing innovations

We are continuously seeking and investigating innovative materials and manufacturing technologies for next generation aircraft.  We invite new project concepts from small businesses and academia throughout Ohio.  We regularly review new ideas with collaborating aircraft manufacturers.  If your material or technology peaks interest, we work together to shape a screening program to investigate or vet the technology.  We can often help to accelerate its development.  The Aerospace Technology Hub serves as a neutral, non-profit program manager to ensure proper handling of intellectual property and export controls.

In addition, to proactively seeking new project topics from industry and academia, we receive requests directly from aircraft manufacturers.   The aircraft manufacturers identify topics of interest and then reach out to Tech Hub to gather additional information.  We then contact our network to find companies across Ohio who have expertise and capabilities in the areas identified.

If you have an innovative technology, we would like to hear about it!  Our primary areas of interest for R&T project concepts are materials and advanced manufacturing innovations.  These are generally in the Technology Readiness Level 1 – 5 and Manufacturing Readiness Level 4 – 5 range.


Supply Chain:  Supplier scouting and development

Aerospace manufacturing procurements are expected to double within the next ten years.  This will result in additional strain upon suppliers to meet growing global demand.  The Materials and Manufacturing Aerospace Technology Hub yields economic growth to Ohio by empowering companies to join or advance within the aerospace manufacturing supply chain.  We aim to match qualified Ohio suppliers with opportunities from aircraft manufacturers and their Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers.

We proactively identify potential suppliers in the strategic focus areas of advanced manufacturing and CNC machining, perform supplier assessments, and build a manufacturing database that will be readily available when customer needs are received.  Our primary interest for Procurement is in the Technology Readiness Level 6 – 9 and Manufacturing Readiness Level 6 – 10 range.  Suppliers should be AS9100 or willing to become AS9100.  If this describes you, we want to make sure we have your information!

We reactively scout suppliers and technologies in response to sourcing requests that we receive.  If you are an aerospace customer looking to build or expand your supply chain, or if you have a specific sourcing request, we can leverage our resources to quickly find what you need!

We can help new and existing suppliers to improve their competitiveness by finding or providing solutions.  Programs are available to assist with training, workforce development, certifications, continuous improvement, and many other solutions.  We are here to help you reach your goals faster and more effectively.



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