Careers in STEAM – Science Technology Engineering Art Math

Careers in STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art Math)


An increase in innovation can have a strong positive influence on the U.S. economy.  Which is why there has been a desire to increase the number of students who are interested in STEM careers. STEM stands for Science Technology Engineering and Math.  In recent years, there has been a push to also include Art and Design and changing STEM to STEAM.  The creative abilities found in Art and Design are essential to successful innovation.  Careers in STEAM provide the smart inquiry and critical thinking that can inspire problem solving and intelligent risk taking to lead the 21st century.

Are you curious about careers in STEAM?  We have lots of STEAM in manufacturing!

Take a look at the videos below:


Additive Manufacturing with fused deposition modeling (FDM)



Machining – CNC Milling

Metal Stamping

Laser Cutting

Sand Casting

Injection Molding

Additive Manufacturing with Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DLMS)

Composite Prepreg and Autoclave



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