Tap the Power of Real-Time Production Information

September 29, 2016 11:43 am
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Tap the Power of Real-Time Production Information


The majority of manufacturing executives are keenly aware of the power of the Internet of Things (IoT).  IoT has the potential to improve a plants performance. Most manufacturers (85%) reveal that they are planning to deploy IoT technologies and increase their company’s application of smart devices in production equipment and processes over the next two years.[1]


Moving forward with IoT-enabled processes can improve plant quality, speed, and costs (of which more than half of manufacturers cite these as IoT objectives[2]) and generate competitive advantage. But not all IoT opportunities yield the same returns.


The applicability of the IoT to various production processes varies widely, with shipping, warehousing, and document management topping the list of excellent or good opportunities (Figure 1).[3] But every plant is unique. A labor-intensive plant will surely apply the IoT differently than an asset-intensive facility.


The following data shows the best opportunities to leverage IoT based on processes:

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Want to identify the best IoT opportunities in your plant?

Ask these 7 Questions:

  1. Where could IoT technologies prevent a safety or environmental disaster?
  2. Where could IoT technologies alert management in real-time to quality problems?
  3. Which real-time plant insights would help to optimize workflows and productivity?
  4. Which machines warrant 24/7 IoT monitoring?
  5. Where do legacy sensors, controls, and other devices create cybersecurity problems?
  6. Which processes would suppliers want to monitor (e.g., inventory levels for their components or materials)?
  7. Which processes would customers want to monitor (e.g., order readiness and logistics status)?


The list is long, but time is short.  Start your IoT journey today.




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