Filling the Engineering Gap

August 24, 2017 2:19 pm
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engineering gap

Filling the Engineering Gap

Local Engineers and Manufacturing Companies Surveyed

Early this year FASTLANE partnered with Champaign Economic Partnership (CEP) in Champaign County, Ohio to help manufacturers throughout the county to recruit and retain engineers.

In April, the partnership launched two surveys.  One was sent to manufacturing employers and the other to engineers working in Champaign County.  There were two goals for the surveys.  The first was to determine the major factors that influence the engineers when they are making the decision on where to live and work. The second was to better understand which engineering disciplines the manufacturers are currently struggling to fill. The results of the two surveys will be used to develop strategies to fill local engineering needs.

While this data is specific to Champaign County, a small subset of our local region, the data gathered is relevant to many other manufacturers and engineers across West Central Ohio.

Here is some of what we learned:

  • 90% of those completing then engineers survey were male.
  • 86.3% of those surveyed were less than 49 years old.
  • The majority of the engineers came to Champaign County for their job.
  • Most did not travel far, 81% attended Ohio high schools.
  • They stay because they like the community.
  • Many would like to have more local restaurants and more housing options.
  •  63.6% say they were attracted to their job because of the technical challenges.
  • The manufacturers say are struggling to find quality engineers and manufacturing engineers the most, followed by mechanical engineers and electrical engineers.
  • Open positions are taking 3 – 6 months on average to fill once posted.
  • 87% of the engineers believe their employer provides competitive benefits

Take a look at the infographics to find out more:


Champaign Economic Partnership CommunityManufacturer Engineering surveyEngineers Infographic Survey Results FrontEngineers Infographic Survey Results Back


If you would like additional information or to request a copy of the full survey report, send an email to or call our office at 937-229-1368.