Customer Service is the Foundation for Success

November 20, 2017 3:40 pm
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Customer Service

Customer Service is the Foundation for Success


Here’s three tips to improve your customer service


A great customer service team can help you to attract new customers, retain current clients, deal with and resolve any issues, drive increased sales, understand current customer needs, and predict future market conditions. All of these things are remarkably valuable to every business owner but maybe even more important to those in manufacturing. When your time each day is focused on making a quality product and getting it shipped to your customers, it is easy to take customers for granted. But, putting in extra time and effort in these three areas can catapult your business.


Hire the Right People

Start by defining who you want taking care of your customers. Include personality tests, such as Strengthfinder, in your hiring processes. Choose the people that you can trust to handle the business for you then empower them to make decisions. Customers want your front line customer service people to help them. This will require that you empower your employees to make choices. Hire people that you think can take care of your customers as you would. Product knowledge and typing speed can be taught; compassion can’t.


Improve Company Culture and Employee Moral

Value employees who support one another and eliminate any toxic people from your organization. People who are unhappy and the ones who tattletale on their co-workers for coming back from lunch two minutes late are toxic to your organization. These Debbie Downers will destroy the company culture. When employees enjoy coming to work, their happiness is passed along to your customers. The happiness of your employees directly correlates to the happiness of your customers. Allow your customer service people the time to build relationships with your customers. These relationships can drive your ability to understand your customer needs now and in the future. They also make any challenges easier to overcome.


Choose your Words Wisely

Have you ever called a business and the person on the other end of the phone says “Hang on” as they put you on hold? How did that make you feel? How does that experience compare to that same call with the words “May I place you on hold for a moment” used instead?

Sometimes a small change in language can have a huge impact in how your customer feels. We have seen a very good example of this with Chick-Fil-A. The simple use of “My pleasure” has made enough of an impact that most people can tell you how they are different.

Avoid negative words such as no, can’t, and won’t. Use positive words instead like yes, happy, and absolutely.

Customers do not expect a business or the employees to be perfect. They want to do business with those who are genuine, helpful and caring. Taking the time to listen to the customer, to understand their issue, and then taking responsibility and actively trying to find a solution will make the customer feel that you care and are doing your best which will eliminate the escalation of most problems.