Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials


Here’s what our clients think:




“FASTLANE is a great organization! Helping businesses with everyday struggles makes owners and management, like us, feel like they are not alone. And help is out there!!!!”
Josh Staeuble
Chief Operation Officer / Machinist
Outlook Tool



“FASTLANE has been an amazing asset to Battle Sight Technologies (BST) due to their speed and open lines of communication throughout the entire process.  In a matter of weeks, they have assisted BST in securing a grant to fund the development phase for our product.  They have reached out to industry, completed internal experiments, and provided invaluable inputs to scale our product.  We have made significant progress in scaling-up our product very quickly by leveraging UDRI’s experts and labs.   We are now several steps closer to commercialization thanks to FASTLANE.”
Nicholas Ripplinger
Co-Founder and President
Battle Sight Technologies



“I would like to thank my Manufacturing Growth Specialists for all her efforts put toward our AS project.  We appreciate her resourcefulness in preparing for this AS9100 audit and for her straightforward observations when working with our team.  Being prepared for the audit made last week relatively low stress, and we can focus more on continuous improvement as opposed to rebuilding our systems to meet requirements.”
Nick Schumacher
Quality Manager
Hohman Plating


“Working directly with FASTLANE was a phenomenal experience. [Our growth specialist] streamlined the process of key manufacturers (saving us time and money) that could bring our product to market and was so prompt with communication. As an all-female company [our growth specialist] made a potentially intimidating endeavor remarkably inviting. We have successfully placed our product in the marketplace because of [our growth specialist] and his expertise. We are very very grateful for his guidance and professional skill set. We remain amazed at the diversity of quality manufacturers in this area that we may be able to partner with on future products all introduced to us via [our growth specialist]. Dayton FASTLANE is truly a remarkable program that has been pivotal to our success.”
Sarah Bouchard
Co-Founder and Co-Owner
Collaborative for Adaptive Lifestyle Maintenance (CALM) LLC


“My FASTLANE Manufacturing Growth Specialist is the hardest working non-paid adviser on our team.  Because of her I was able to get done in 3 months what would have taken me a year to do on my own.  She helped our team find solutions allowing us to launch 3 new products.  I would recommend FASTLANE to any manufacturer who is trying to grow or solve a specific problem.”
Advanced Industrial Measurement Systems (AIMS)



“[Our growth specialist] has been of tremendous help to help find us supplier partners.”
Sabitha Anisetti
Cubester, LLC


“The answers here do not do justice to the efforts put forth by [the FASTLANE team]. In looking for heat treating solutions [our growth specialist] was instrumental in getting us in touch with the top minds on heat treating in the USA. This is invaluable as we try to determine how it is done economically in Brazil today.”
Fred Avery
Director of Sales and Marketing / Engineering Manager
Ever Roll Specialties Company


“I have gained a lot of knowledge and guidance from my FASTLANE Manufacturing Growth Specialist. She has been invaluable to me in the beginning stages of product development and as I prepare for a pilot  production run for my product.”
Ray DePaoli
Mad Hits Enterprises LLC




“Our FASTLANE Manufacturing Growth Specialist was very instrumental in helping us advance to where we are with our new products and moving forward with our growth.  Even after this project we still receive continuous help if questions or needs arise.”
Barb McCoy
Inventory Control Manager
AIMS Metrology



“I was very happy with the service.”
Seth Angle
Force Design, Inc





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