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Ohio MEP Internship Program

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Company Profile:

Sweet Manufacturing Company is a premier global producer of bulk material handling equipment, including bucket elevators, belt and chain conveyors and support systems which are supplied to both the agricultural and industrial markets.  Sweet currently has equipment in 55 countries covering 6 continents around the world!  The company has a reputation as the “Standard of the Industry,” providing customers with its “Quality Line” of equipment.

“We are exceptionally grateful to our friends at FastLane for making us aware of the Ohio MEP High School Internship Program. They've helped us address a key issue for our business while lowering our cost in an increasingly competitive environment. We look forward to partnering with FastLane on a number of other projects in the future!"

Mark F. Grimes, Treasurer

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Sweet has been looking for solutions on how to attract and retain employees and grow its workforce pipeline, while remaining customer-focused and maintaining the company’s extraordinary reputation. Knowing this, an introduction to FastLane was made through the Greene County Career Center (GCCC). Sweet’s goal is to invest in young talent, encouraging workers to grow into great careers offered within the organization.

FastLane helped Sweet by providing valuable information on how the Ohio MEP High School Internship Program works. They offered advice on retention practices and made this important program easy to navigate with prompt responses to questions and excellent customer service.