Buy Local

June 29, 2016 9:39 am
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Buy Local

Working together to support local manufacturing

Imagine a community where manufacturers could help educators to understand what is needed in the workforce and the schools worked to align their curriculum to meet the needs of the local companies.

Imagine a community where suppliers promoted their capabilities to the local business community and the manufacturers worked hand in hand with local suppliers to fill all of their purchasing needs.

The result would be…a region with better suppliers, stronger manufacturers, superior manufacturing technology programs, an educated workforce with the required skill set, increased local prosperity, and more money invested back into the local region.

Here are three ways buying local can positively impact your organization:

  1. Faster Response

Buying local can help your company to be more responsive to your client’s needs.  Purchasing from a local supplier can eliminate the long shipping times typically required.  Thus giving you the advantage of being faster and more apt to handle last minute orders.  When your competition experiences the inevitable delays that often result during transit…you will be able to fill the order for your client.

  1. Reduced Cost

Cost reduction is a priority in manufacturing.  Many manufacturers are surprised to find that the supplier down the street is cheaper than their current distant supplier.  Buying local can not only reduce shipping costs but, when a collaborative effort is formed, many suppliers and manufacturers are able to find a way to create a more transparent relationship and improve quality controls that result in additional savings for both companies.

  1. Increased Sales

Attracting new customers is often one of the biggest challenges manufacturers face.  Focusing on growing the company’s reputation within your region is typically much more cost effective and advantageous for smaller companies.  Purchasing materials from a local supplier can be a strategic decision if it also helps to improve your local relationships and results in additional sales.


Your FASTLANE team works hard to stay apprised of the suppliers and the capabilities within our region.

Want to know where you can buy local?  Just ask FASTLANE!