Advanced Manufacturing Program (AMP) Grant

AMP Up Manufacturing!

Advanced Manufacturing Program (AMP) Grant is a competitive grant program.

The AMP Grant is awarded annually to selected manufacturers to encourage new advanced manufacturing projects and services.

The AMP Grant helps Ohio manufacturers to enter markets sooner, respond faster to customer needs, create higher quality products, and improve efficiencies, quantities and reliability.

Most projects are awarded $250,000 – $500,000.

The result of the 2015 AMP Grant is a beverage koozie.  The koozie was produced by Bastech using the conformal cooling unit pictured which was made using an injection molded core produced by direct metal printing.  The core contains a reverse flow double helix cross section that chills during the process which greatly reduces the cooling time.  This geometry cannot be made using traditional subtractive machining methods.


AMP Grant


FASTLANE is a vital non-profit resource for manufacturers. The FASTLANE team of specialized manufacturing and engineering consultants help accelerate manufacturing success, advance innovation, and drive growth through technology acceleration, continuous improvement, workforce development, supply chain optimization, and sustainability.  Connecting manufacturers to a vast network of affordable resources including expert engineers, scientists, manufacturers, suppliers, and other professionals. FASTLANE is the west-central Ohio Manufacturing Extension Partnership and is located within the University of Dayton Research Institute.

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